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Postal Services


StampPostal Services receive all incoming mail and parcels on behalf of the University.

Mail addressed to the University’s postal address is collected from the Post Office or delivered to the University by the Post Office.

Sorting of incoming mail

Incoming mail received by Postal Services via the Post Office or internal post is sorted according to different criteria, namely:

Recorded mail

Registered mail, insured mail and parcel items.

  • Slips are issued to addressees,
  • Recorded official mail items will be delivered to staff.
  • Addressee must sign for receipt of the article upon proof of identification.


Staff members from Registry will sign in the register when receiving the Registrar’s mail.

Mail addressed to a specific department will be sorted to that department.

Mail addressed to an official of the University in her/his capacity as such will be sorted to the department and then to the individual.

Mail addressed to students in the residences will be sorted according to the residences name and will be delivered to the residence.

  • Students will be informed via e-mail to collect registered mail and parcels.
  • Recorded mail will be stored in a safe place for a period of 27 days after which it will be returned to the sender if not collected.

Mail items receive opened/unsealed

Mail items received opened/unsealed will get a sticker on it that indicates how it was received together with the date, signed by one of the Postal Services Supervisors.

Non-official items of mail received with incoming mail

The handling of private mail places an extra burden on Postal Services.

Staff members are reminded that they should make arrangements to have all non-official mail (private mail) sent to their home addresses or alternatively, rent a post box from the SA Post Office on the South Campus.

Distribution of incoming mail


Postal Services Drivers and Mail Handlers will deliver mail and parcels.

Bird Street Campus

All mail items are collected from, and delivered to, the Reception office between 12:00 and 13:00 on Tuesday & Thursday. Mail items are sorted at, and delivered from, Postal Services on the South Campus.

George Campus

All mail items to be sent to the George campus will be combined into one consignment on Wednesday afternoon each week, unless otherwise arranged.

All mail items, books and parcels for George Campus must be delivered to Postal Services at; Missionvale Campus before 15:00 on Monday afternoons; Summerstrand North Campus before 12:00 and Summerstrand South campus before 14:00 on Wednesdays. 2nd Avenue Campus staff should phone 041 504 2736 before 09:00 to make arrangements for mail items for George Campus to be collected.

Items from George campus for any of the campuses in Port Elizabeth will be collected from George campus by 10:00 on Thursday morning each week. Any staff from George campus wishing to make use of this service must ensure that their postal items are ready by no later than 08:30 on Thursday mornings.

The items from George campus will reach Postal Services on the Summerstrand South campus after 10:00 on Friday morning and will be sorted and delivered from there.

2nd Avenue Campus

Mail items will be delivered to and collected from departments after 10:00 daily. All mail handed in on this round will be processed and posted the same day.

Mail items for the Business School will be delivered to and collected from them around 12:00 daily.

Summerstrand South Campus

Mail will be delivered to and collected from departments after 10:00 daily and again to and from Finance, Academic Administration and Executive Management at 14:00. All mail received before 13:00 will be processed an posted the same day.

Summerstrand North Campus

Mail will be delivered to and collected from departments after 10:00 daily and again to and from Academic Administration, Executive Management and Human Resources at 14:00. All mail received before 12:00 will be processed and posted the same day.

Missionvale Campus

Mail will be sorted into the mail boxes on Monday & Thursday after 10:00.

Re-direct mail

Postal Services will re-direct the mail of staff and students when provided with an

forwarding address. If there is no forwarding address mail will be returned to sender.

Inter-departmental/Campus mail


Internal inter-department/campus mail is distributed by Postal Services without the payment of postage. The use of the service is limited to official staff of the University conducting official business. It does not include the distribution of newsletters; promotional, political or religious material; mail from non-official organizations; and mail, parcels or gifts between friends and family.

Items sent through the internal campus mail may be opened and inspected to assure compliance with the restrictions on the use of this service.

Where possible please make use of internal mail/campus mail envelopes/brown envelopes or re-use received envelopes.

“By hand” items

By Hand“By hand” items is a secure mail service. This service is for sensitive items which, if viewed by unauthorised persons could be damaging to the University, e.g. exam drafts, confidential HR documents and commercially sensitive documents where a signature is obtained upon delivery. The information for items to be delivered must be recorded in the “By hand” book.

“By hand” items must not be sent through the internal mail system. The information for items to be delivered by hand must be recorded in the Postal Services’ Mail Handlers’/Drivers “By hand” book and be given to her/him for delivery. The Mail Handler/Driver will hand over all “by hand” items to the Supervisor Collection and Delivery upon returning to the office at 12:00. No individual arrangements are to be made with the Mail Handlers or Drivers.

Bird Street Campus

All “by hand” items will be collected from, and delivered to, the Reception office between 12:00 and 13:00 on Tuesday & Thursday.

2nd Avenue Campus

Phone Postal Services on 041 504 2736 before 09:30 to make arrangements for collections and deliveries of any “by hand” items.

Summerstrand South Campus

All “by hand” items should be delivered to Postal Services before 9:00 for same day delivery.

Summerstrand North Campus

All “by hand” items should be delivered to Postal Services before 10:00 for same day delivery.

Missionvale Campus

All “by hand” items should be delivered to Postal Services before 15:00 on Manday or Thursday for next day delivery.


Domestic mail

Addressing outgoing mail


The accuracy of the addresses of outgoing mail affects the speed and handling of mail. Postal codes are vital. It is important to use the correct postcode to ensure that mail is sorted correctly. No postcode or an incorrect postcode can result in a postal article not being delivered.

Preparing the postal article

Postal articles must be clearly and correctly addressed. When sending international mail the country’s name must appear on the last line of the address. Addresses should be typewritten or printed clearly in black or blue ink and should be printed horizontally. Official stationery must be used.

The correct return postal address must appear clearly on the back of the envelope and the contents of the envelope should be folded in such a way that the entire envelope is filled. Please avoid using paperclips, pins or staples.

Envelopes should not be sealed with stamp edging or adhesive tape as this obstructs the mechanical processing of mail at the Post Office.

Money should not be sent via ordinary post, but rather by using postal orders.

Parcels must be securely wrapped to prevent damage and the proper declarations regarding the contents and value of parcels must be given.

Each department is responsible for the preparation of its own mail, including addressing, placing in envelopes and completing the necessary forms unless otherwise arranged with Postal Services.

E-mail regarding assistance for bulk preparation / inserting e-mail

Processing of mail

All mail received before 13:00 will be processed and posted the same day.